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Physical Security Assessment

Everyone knows that security is one of the most important factors in the modern office, from tiny startups to major corporations. With workplace violence, domestic terrorist, and natural disasters all on the rise, security is your first line of defense against these factors and any other disruptive events that could derail your business. But if you’re like many other business owners, you’re understandibly dont have the background or expertise to be truely sure that your security system and prodicals are up to par. The answer? Conducting a physical security assessment.

Like the name implies, this is a comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of every aspect of your security system, its controls, and their parameters throughout your space or facility. This is done on both an individual and a macro level, giving you the intel you need to make better decisions about how to run your facility. Generally, the physical security risk assessment is the combined process of both practicing an intensive audit and analyzing the results that come from it, which pertains to the entire physical security system of a particular building. In order to make sure you’re going about it correctly, use these tips to keep your space safer from harm.







Understanding Physical Security Audits

Physical security, like the name implies, is the system of hardware, technology and practices that protects the physical assets within your space, including equipment, files and other hardware. Auditing these systems means fully examining each piece of the larger system, which can often be quite large even in smaller offices. It is a well-defined and crucial process that is commonly adopted to be in compliance with requirements from many regulatory bodies and standards organizations, including certification authorities and even government agencies. All kinds of physical security systems that have been installed are examined deeply while conducting a physical security assessment.

There are many kinds of physical security threats and vulnerabilities, including natural ones like fire and human ones like burglary, to the resources, assets and sensitive information that make your business run. Jeopardizing these makes your business vulnerable to major losses or even litigation, which you probably want to avoid. The most common threats can strike either through your wireless network or through physical intrusion.

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