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School Security

Parents number one priority during the day is the safety of their young aspiring students.  With recent and tragic instances of violence in American schools, having trained security guards is more important now than ever than ever for students, parents, and teachers.

At Blackout Investigations and Security Services Inc. Our school security expertise ranges from school buildings, dorms, libraries, and even graduation ceremonies. From kindergartens to colleges.  We provide experienced professional officers to act as the first line of defense unwanted entry, truancy, crisis situations and and emergencies. 

Highly Qualified Guards

  • Additional FBI  Background Checks

  • Nonviolent Intervention Training (CPI)

  • CPR & First Aid Cert.

  • Crowd control Training

Two officer's talking

Our guards are trained to work with local law enforcement, teachers, staff, and administrators to handle all situations. We are committed to maintaining a strong presence in schools of all types, all shapes and sizes, and all grade levels.

The primary security guard job duties can fall into three major categories: problem prevention, problem response, and communication with the public. All three of these security guard job duties are discussed below.

Primary functions of School

Security guards

  • Prevent Security Problems

In security sometimes just an extra pair of eyes is enough to deter students from engaging in illegal or reckless behavior.  Being physically present and visible can deter theft, vandalism, assault, or other undesirable behavior of students.  Patrolling the premises, overseeing security monitors, observing unusual behavior, or manning post at problem areas is an effective strategy to encourage positive behavior shifts.

  • Respond to Incidents

The proper response to an incident can greatly decrease the severity, trauma and personal resources that are needed.  Our guards are CPI (nonviolent intervention training) certified and able to properly respond to and diffuse crisis quickly and effectively, while remaining professional and calm.  We will ensure that everyone involved can get back to business as usual quickly.

  • Communicate with the Public, Teachers, and Staff

The ability to communicate with the public is important for maintaining security and safety.  Someone has to be the standards bearer for you facility and ensure that everyone follows the rules and regulations.  Our guards though experience and training are experts at disseminating information and ensuring that staff, students, and administrators are all on the same page.


The supervisors of Blackout Investigations and Security Services, Inc. are committed to supplying quality service and excellent leadership in response to our client’s needs. We understand that quality leadership comes from quality customer service, so we endeavor to both listen to the desires and concerns of our clients as well as strategize to develop and implement the best security plan for each situation. We take pride in servicing you with the upmost care and skill. Let us handle your next security project; contact us today!  

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