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If and when you experience any issues with your alarm or sprinkler system, we’ve got you covered! Blackout Investigations and Security Services, Inc. is always ready to serve.  We have trained Crowd Control Managers ready to ensure that all the necessary precautions are taken to minimize risk of injury or death should a problem occur.  So, if your property has been ordered to have Fire Watch by a Marshall or you are taking the necessary precaution to ensure the safety of your residents,  Blackout’s professionals are ready, willing and able to be of service to you.​  We will:

  • Patrol the entire property including common areas and stairwells

  • Maintain communication among all officers on site

  • Ensure that all exits and walkways remain clear

  • Identify and report all mechanical issues, electrical problems, and/or other concerns

  • Sound the alarm in case of a fire and contact the Fire Department

  • Cooperate with the Fire Department to ensure they are aware of all issues to guarantee the problem is handled correctly

  • Document all patrol activities in patrol log


At Blackout Investigations and Security, our officers take pride in ensuring that you are following the local fire code and we actively work with clients to maintain compliance with regulations.


Fire Watch is not only for fire system malfunctions; in some cases, Fire Watch services are provided due to access control systems malfunctioning, access doors being damaged due to criminal activity, mechanical issues, and/or even code violations that result in an order for Fire Watch. In some of these listed examples, a mixture of security and Fire Watch is necessary.


Let our security professionals put forth the best plan to ensure that your facility remains safe and sound.


The supervisors of Blackout Investigations and Security Services, Inc. are committed to supplying quality service and excellent leadership in response to our client’s needs. We understand that quality leadership comes from quality customer service, so we endeavor to both listen to the desires and concerns of our clients as well as strategize to develop and implement the best security plan for each situation. We take pride in servicing you with the upmost care and skill. Let us handle your next security project; contact us today!  

  • Clock-In/out system w/GPS 

  • Weekly visits with clients for feedback

  • Roving Supervisors

  • Daily Site Checks

  • GPS tracking for guards and vehicles


At Blackout Investigations and Security Services Inc., our team of highly trained professionals are ready and available to accommodate your security needs. Whether last minute or in advance, we are equipped to effectively handle the project with excellence. Contact us today to service your day, night or 24-hour security needs!

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